Fabian Chan

Illustrator Singapore


"I think Admiral Zheng He would've looked cooler if he'd arrived in Malacca in an Imperial Star Destroyer instead of a junk..."

Never a fan of history lessons, a doodle out of boredom in a school textbook marked the start of it all; and the rest, they say, is history. The irony

A career illustrator since 1996, it was during my time in national service as a helicopter technician that I realised that I wanted more to do with drawings than cowlings and fairings

Always serious about being unserious, I take a tongue-in-cheek approach to life in general, my personality ingrained, inevitably and sometimes unconsciously, in the characters of my drawings

While fluent with Adobe Illustrator, I still enjoy drawing the traditional way of pen-and-paper; the iPad Pro and Apple Pencil proving the ideal middle ground between the two schools

I consider myself a certifiable embracer of the work-life balance ideology and will always make time for a game of pool or a pool of beer with friends

And I still don't like history


Design Specialist

Andios Pte. Ltd.

Graphics Journalist

Reuters News Agency

Infographic Artist, The New Paper

Singapore Press Holdings

Infographic Artist, The Straits Times

Singapore Press Holdings


University of Life Experience

BS in BS

There’re no better education in Life than Life itself. Learn from mistakes and never be afraid of making them.

Institute of Advertising Singapore

Diploma in Visual Communication

Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts

Certificate in Graphic Design


Drawing Comic/cartoon style illustrations Vector drawing Data visualising Making Funny Out Of Anything


Adobe Illustrator Adobe Photoshop Freehand